Feb 17 2017

C++ language support is here for Windows users!

SemanticMerge understands your C++ code now ;)

This feature closes one of the most requested UserVoice features: C++ Support.

The C++ parser is released as a beta, so we'd love to have your feedback about things that don't work for you or any other suggestion.

Header files (*.h) are parsed by default as C code. If you are certain that this extension represents C++ code for your particular case, please use the "-l" command line option (e.g "-l=cplusplus").


SemanticDiff: A new 'copy to clipboard' button has been added to the Outline Panel. Clicking it will copy a text version of the outline tree into the clipboard.


External parsers: The default encoding is now taken into account by the external parsers. It can be specified using the tool configuration dialog or through the "-e" command line option.


External parsers: A verification process has been added in order to detect if some of the files can't have their structure properly recognized. In that case, you will be asked to continue with the configured external tool.